Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Great Sunday!

What a Great Sunday!

It's always a little weird starting a blog, so I'm just going to pretend that this is a diary...that I dont spill my inner most secrets to lol The wedding is coming up in the next few months and I really want to start having a place where I document the little days in life. I want to encourage myself to take more pictures (even if its just with my iphone...lets be honest... it most likely always going to be with my iphone) so here is it is. 

So I woke up late Sunday, Awston had a friend over early to watch his soccer game with him. He always watches games at odd hours because most games are being played in the UK. Aaron is one of him groomsman and a childhood friend and I love him dearly but I didn't want to see him that early so I stayed in the bedroom and slept! 

When I finally dragged my lazy butt out of bed and Awston and I decided to run some errands, We first went to target and looked at the lamps (since we had a $20 gift card from our registry) and pick up a few odds and ends. I love spending time with Awston, just pushing the cart down the aisle and picking which paper towels to buy - I just love talking with him and Im so excited to spend my life with him. 

We didnt find a lamp we both liked and was in our budget so we headed to one of our favorite restaurants Tijuana Flats

I tried for the first time their fish tacos, and I usually LOVE fish tacos but I wasnt a big fan of them here. Next time Ill get what I usually get. 

After lunch we headed to Old Time Pottery - its one of the BEST stores for ANYTHING home decor related, I always say its on the other side of town because I would spend ALL our money there. We went there to find curtains for our bedroom and the spare room, we also wanted to check out the lamp section to see if anything caught our eye - boy did it! They were having a lamp sale and we found one we loved for only $15.99! We also bought some curtains (granted I had to exchange the master bedroom ones for ones that matched the spare room) but we loved the way both rooms turned out! 

 We LOVE the new lamp - we think it makes the room look bigger!

We came home and watched the football game, so sad the niners lost but we will gladly cheer on the broncos in the superbowl! The seahawks disappointed us with their behavior at the end of that game...and thats all I will say about that. Over all great Sunday! I just wished we spend more time together than we do!

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