Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bachelor Monday!

So this Monday I had off which was a blessing! Usually I spend my day recouping from my long shifts at the Urgent Care I work for, but that Monday I did some cleaning and was prepping the house since my long time friend Marissa was coming over to watch the Bachelor with me!

What I didnt realize is that Awston's family had decided on a spur of the moment get together at Olive Garden to celebrate Awston's sister Amber 29th Birthday. It was crazy how it all worked out since usually SOMEBODY has to work. The only people who were missing (Awston's brother with his wife and little girl) lives in Texas! I had chicken marsala and it was scrumptious! 

After dinner, we came back home and I made some cocktails for Marissa and I to enjoy. To be honest
Im not a big fan of Juan Pablo, Im not invested in him as I usually am and Im annoyed that the only reason he got picked was because he was latin and good looking (not really my cup of tea TBH) but I still enjoy the show but I have no emotional investment. 

And this is how Aubrey watches the Bachelor...

As you can tell... she is a BIG fan.

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