Friday, January 31, 2014

Getting to Know You (name that musical!)

I'm joining the *Confessional Friday* topic over at *A Blonde Ambition* and joining in the introduction fun! Since I just started this blog, I love finding new ones that inspire me! Thanks for stopping by y'all!


 Mary Virginia 


So I'm almost is my growing breakdown...
California (near San Fran) for a total 5 years
Hong Kong China 2 years 
Wales UK 6 years
Florida (still currently here) 10 years 
So I guess its a toss up?


I'm a Medical Receptionist at an Urgent Care.

This is my STUNNING family
I come from a family of 6
Dad, Mom, Me, Emma, Abigail & Ethan
My parents have been married for 25 years 
It resulted in 4 kids that has lived with them around the world!
My parents and brother lives in Manila Philippians right now but travel back and forth A LOT! 

I have so many! I dream about getting MARRIED this year May 25th!
I dream about our beautiful Honeymoon to Europe!
I dream about Awston and I getting our dream jobs
 (his in Aerospace Engineering and mine in Health Care PR)
I dream about traveling with my love, seeing more of the world ...
and I dream about babies :) lots and lots of babies :) 

I started this blog recently but I used to write one about decorating our first apartment 
that was so long ago!
I love having a creative space to document the "little days in between the big ones"

 Fun Facts: 
  • I am marrying my high school sweetheart 
  • the doctor I work for caught me dancing in the office my boss caught me breaking it down....
  •  I hate my feet
  • I consider classic Disney movies medicine for a bad day
  • I lost 10 pounds this month
  • My dog is a little person trapped in a dog's body... For this I am certain.


  1. Hey Mary! Excited to have found you through the link-up! Newest follower :)


  2. Your pup is too cute! I am from Chicago and just moved to SF a year and a half ago!