Friday, January 31, 2014

Getting to Know You (name that musical!)

I'm joining the *Confessional Friday* topic over at *A Blonde Ambition* and joining in the introduction fun! Since I just started this blog, I love finding new ones that inspire me! Thanks for stopping by y'all!


 Mary Virginia 


So I'm almost is my growing breakdown...
California (near San Fran) for a total 5 years
Hong Kong China 2 years 
Wales UK 6 years
Florida (still currently here) 10 years 
So I guess its a toss up?


I'm a Medical Receptionist at an Urgent Care.

This is my STUNNING family
I come from a family of 6
Dad, Mom, Me, Emma, Abigail & Ethan
My parents have been married for 25 years 
It resulted in 4 kids that has lived with them around the world!
My parents and brother lives in Manila Philippians right now but travel back and forth A LOT! 

I have so many! I dream about getting MARRIED this year May 25th!
I dream about our beautiful Honeymoon to Europe!
I dream about Awston and I getting our dream jobs
 (his in Aerospace Engineering and mine in Health Care PR)
I dream about traveling with my love, seeing more of the world ...
and I dream about babies :) lots and lots of babies :) 

I started this blog recently but I used to write one about decorating our first apartment 
that was so long ago!
I love having a creative space to document the "little days in between the big ones"

 Fun Facts: 
  • I am marrying my high school sweetheart 
  • the doctor I work for caught me dancing in the office my boss caught me breaking it down....
  •  I hate my feet
  • I consider classic Disney movies medicine for a bad day
  • I lost 10 pounds this month
  • My dog is a little person trapped in a dog's body... For this I am certain.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Friday Five — link up

  1. Day off with my moh and love <3 - This week I was able to go out with my MOH and groom to do a day of shopping! We stopped by this new little Macaroon Shop and it was to DIE, Apparently the owners are from Paris and all of the Macaroon's are made by a french pastry chef! So good!

2.  Bachelor Wedding....duh. I may be a little obsessed. 


 3. Picking out Excursions for our HONEYMOON! - you can follow my Pinterest Board on all the places and things we will be going/doing in Europe by clicking HERE

4. Sister Winning First Round of Regional's!


Sean and Catherine's Wedding #thebachelor

So last night was a delightful. I'm sick right now and but I had looked forward to #thebachelorwedding for forever! I insisted that Awston watch the Bachelor Wedding of the year with me- the beautiful Sean and Catherine. So I grabbed a bottle of wine, made some spicy ravioli and sausage for dinner, grabbed some tissues and parked myself on the couch to enjoy what was sure to be two hours of pure bliss. ABC did not disappoint. 

First off, Sean and Catherine are two people I had been rooting for from day one, and I was so happy to witness them fulfill their dreams and marry each other. I only wish I had scored an Invitation! Ha! 

So a couple of things about the wedding that I loved:
  • The beautiful! seriously these two obviously put so much time into these and memorized them all!
In case you missed them: 

Catherine: "Before I met you, before I even knew you existed, I knew you were coming," she told Sean while holding back tears. "I was ready to give my whole heart to someone, and now here you are. The first time I saw you, you were like a light to my bug. I had to find you. You mesmerized me with how brightly you shone. Every time I look up at you, my heart fills with love sprinkles. Every time I kiss you, my whole body feels it. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode from how much I love you. I am completely consumed by you, and tonight we get to become one. I promise to love you until after my heart bursts. I promise to love you after our children are old and grey, I promise to love you after we can't even remember our own names. I will still know how fully I have loved you. You're my dream and my reality, my future and my present. My whole heart and my best friend. I thank God for bringing me to you, instilling that light so I could find you. I thank God for bringing you to me and igniting that same light. I can't wait to shine together and make everybody completely blind. I love you."

Sean: "From the moment I met you, I wanted more," he told Catherine as they held hands. "I wanted more of your infectious smile, I wanted more of your adorable giggle and I wanted more of your love. You had me hooked from the beginning and I didn't want to let you go. We met in the strangest way you can possibly meet someone. On The Bachelor, with an army of people following us around with cameras, but I know that wasn't by accident. God says that all things work together for the good of those who love him. I know that we met on The Bachelor so that I could fall in love with my best friend. Every day I am encouraged by your love and your selflessness, and as your husband I promise to always put you first. I promise to be the best father I can be to our children, and I promise to always make you laugh with my silly faces and ridiculous voices. So today,in front of my dad, my family, all of our friends, I want to say that I love you and I'm gonna love you for eternity." 

  • Sean's Dad really just made me weep, you could just feel his dad's love from through the screen. He was crying and smiling all during the ceremony  (especially when Sean said his vows) and IMO, that is such a trademark of a loving father. #gopapalowe!

  • Speaking of crying.... Sean teared up a few times during the ceremony but he REALLY melted (and subsequently melted me) when he was walking out with his new wife on his arm. It was like he couldn't contain himself anymore. He was simply adorable and Catherine just beamed at him. Sweetest moment of the night.   
  • So the flowers, the dress, the VEIL!!! the hair, the earrings, the bridesmaids dress's were PERFECTION! and very similar to ours coming up in a few months.... 
  • Basically this wedding got me totally stoked for ours (117 days until the wedding....OMG) and our HONEYMOON in Europe is going to be AMAZING! Can't wait! So Happy!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Go Bulldogs!!!

So you may not know this but
I have a sister that is a STRAIGHT UP bad ass on the soccer field. 

Her team is called the "Lady Bulldogs"... but there is nothing lady like about them.

So these girls were state champions last year (they technically are still reigning) and now they are defending their title. They were playing in the first round of regional's this week (the conquered districts last week) and its been COLD in those stands. 

And we KILLED IT!.... it was insane. We won 8 to 0. Then they called it "slaughter rule" which means they end the game because its just mean to continue.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bachelor Monday!

So this Monday I had off which was a blessing! Usually I spend my day recouping from my long shifts at the Urgent Care I work for, but that Monday I did some cleaning and was prepping the house since my long time friend Marissa was coming over to watch the Bachelor with me!

What I didnt realize is that Awston's family had decided on a spur of the moment get together at Olive Garden to celebrate Awston's sister Amber 29th Birthday. It was crazy how it all worked out since usually SOMEBODY has to work. The only people who were missing (Awston's brother with his wife and little girl) lives in Texas! I had chicken marsala and it was scrumptious! 

After dinner, we came back home and I made some cocktails for Marissa and I to enjoy. To be honest
Im not a big fan of Juan Pablo, Im not invested in him as I usually am and Im annoyed that the only reason he got picked was because he was latin and good looking (not really my cup of tea TBH) but I still enjoy the show but I have no emotional investment. 

And this is how Aubrey watches the Bachelor...

As you can tell... she is a BIG fan.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Great Sunday!

What a Great Sunday!

It's always a little weird starting a blog, so I'm just going to pretend that this is a diary...that I dont spill my inner most secrets to lol The wedding is coming up in the next few months and I really want to start having a place where I document the little days in life. I want to encourage myself to take more pictures (even if its just with my iphone...lets be honest... it most likely always going to be with my iphone) so here is it is. 

So I woke up late Sunday, Awston had a friend over early to watch his soccer game with him. He always watches games at odd hours because most games are being played in the UK. Aaron is one of him groomsman and a childhood friend and I love him dearly but I didn't want to see him that early so I stayed in the bedroom and slept! 

When I finally dragged my lazy butt out of bed and Awston and I decided to run some errands, We first went to target and looked at the lamps (since we had a $20 gift card from our registry) and pick up a few odds and ends. I love spending time with Awston, just pushing the cart down the aisle and picking which paper towels to buy - I just love talking with him and Im so excited to spend my life with him. 

We didnt find a lamp we both liked and was in our budget so we headed to one of our favorite restaurants Tijuana Flats

I tried for the first time their fish tacos, and I usually LOVE fish tacos but I wasnt a big fan of them here. Next time Ill get what I usually get. 

After lunch we headed to Old Time Pottery - its one of the BEST stores for ANYTHING home decor related, I always say its on the other side of town because I would spend ALL our money there. We went there to find curtains for our bedroom and the spare room, we also wanted to check out the lamp section to see if anything caught our eye - boy did it! They were having a lamp sale and we found one we loved for only $15.99! We also bought some curtains (granted I had to exchange the master bedroom ones for ones that matched the spare room) but we loved the way both rooms turned out! 

 We LOVE the new lamp - we think it makes the room look bigger!

We came home and watched the football game, so sad the niners lost but we will gladly cheer on the broncos in the superbowl! The seahawks disappointed us with their behavior at the end of that game...and thats all I will say about that. Over all great Sunday! I just wished we spend more time together than we do!