Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Need A New Routine

So I need a new routine. Since I am ADD, schedules work well for me and iz'm trying to get my life organized and accomplish lots of things before the I am thinking a new routine is perfect for keeping myself from going insane organized.

7:00am - First Alarm
7:15am - Get Ready For Work (this must include make bed, empty dishwasher)
8:10am - Leave For Work (Grab breakfast, prepared lunch and drinks for the day)
8:30am - Work :)
12:00pm -  Lunch (eat prepared healthy lunch, take a nap in car if needed)
1:00pm - Work :)
5:30pm - Leave Work
6:00pm - Gym (work out & tan)
7:00pm - Go Home (load work & gym clothes in washer and go shower)
7:30pm - Change into jammies and make dinner (save plate for awston)
8:30pm - Clean up kitchen & bathroom, de-clutter house, put clothes in dryer
9:30pm-  Prepare outfit for next day, pack lunches.
10:00pm - Watch TV
12:00am - Bed.

Saturday's - Relaxing Day/Date Night
Sunday - Church & Grocery Shopping & Cleaning.

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