Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Dream. My Dream.

I have a secret dream. I have been thinking about this dream for awhile and I tell myself its silly every time I think about it....but...

I could write a million reasons why it would be silly for me to pursue this dream and why it wont work, but since this is my little corner of the blog world I am going to write down the big ones... and then try and to discredit them. First let me post the video that inspired me and then I'll get to it.

If you watched this film, I bet your weeping. Weeping in itself in not difficult for me to do, and its probably a little confusing to understand what dream this inspired.

I want to be a film maker.

I have made many movies, its one of my best passions. I am really good at it. I love taking moments and preserving them, I am like a good-feeling addict, my mother would tell you that if I found a song on a CD that I liked as a child that I would play it over and over again... trying to get that feeling back the first time I played it - and I would! I love movies, I love acting but I love feeling something.
I love creating something. I am a creative at heart, I will obsess over projects and work on it till its perfect. Ill share one of the first videos I ever made. Its REALLY amateur obviously. But I was proud.

So I really loved the My Last Days Project, especially zach's episode. It was incredible, and what I loved most about it was the depth of love and grace you could see between his family. That family will always have that video. A wedding couple will always have their wedding day. My brother and sister in law will always have a video documenting the day their daughter was born. These moments are what life is about, this is why we exist. I dont want to make "hollywood movies" I want to make films that makes the sweetest days in someones life and preserve them forever. I want to make treasures. 

Why It Wont Work... and then why it shouldnt matter.
  • I dont have any experience.      Well nor did Spielberg when he started
  • It will take time.                        Well whats more important to do with your time then following your dreams? 
  • It will take money.                     Well money in itself is just paper, an education is an investment. And whats more priceless then doing what you love?
  • I don't know anyone in the business.       Ok, then go find someone. 
  • My dad will call it basket weaving.       Yes he will, until you show him your first film you were paid to make and then he will hug you, congratulate you and tell you how proud he is.
  • I may not make any money.                    Do what you love and money will follow. What will you sacrifice to make it work? You may regret trying (doubt it) but your guaranteed to regret not trying.
  • There will be someone better than me.     Uh duh, there will always be someone better - who cares? what I am interested in is the best ME. 
  • I may fail.                                 Yes you may. But you also may die tomorrow, there are no guarantee's There is no time to lose.  

A Few Pro's

I will make an impact and leave a mark on this world
I will travel
I would be creating Art.
I will always have another story down the road. 
 I will be doing something in life that I love.


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  1. I loved your little documentary. So sweet and I love the song Father and Daughter - thought it was great :) I think if you can follow your dreams and do this, it would be great! But I completely understand the thoughts and struggle of I need money to survive and will I be able to make enough doing what I love? I hope you will be able to find a way to fulfill your passion! :)